Chrishell Kennels

French Bulldogs

General Q&A


1) After completing the questionnaire how long will I have to wait for a puppy?


The average wait time can vary from anywhere from three to 14 months. If you only need to wait three month this is probably due to a cancellation by someone who had been waitlisted for a puppy but for some reason is not able to take the puppy.


2) Does a waitlist exist and do I need to make a deposit to safeguard my position on the waitlist?


We do not maintain a strict waitlist per se but we do register your interest in receiving one of our puppies. Clearly every potential owner has certain physical preferences for their puppy e.g. brindle boy, fawn female, red fawn boy with mask etc. and we may not be able to meet those requirements in 14 months. If this is the case even if you were at the top of the list you may not see a puppy until your requirements can be met.


We do not take deposits on puppies because we are never 100% sure whether will be able to meet your need until the puppy is born and of a certain age. We also would like to retain the right to ensure that every puppy goes to a loved home. We believe there should never be an obligation to give or receive a puppy.


3) Is it dangerous to fly my puppy from Nelson to other parts of New Zealand?


We have sent many of our puppies around New Zealand with no issues. Having said that there is always the risk with such a young animal that something could go wrong though to date we have had no incidents. At the moment all pets travelling on Air NZ (only Air NZ will take pets) are required to go in a special temperature controlled part of the hold. If you are travelling with your puppy it will be counted as part of your weight allowance and there will be a handling charge which as at February 2018 is NZD 75 each way.


We have sent a few puppies overseas and if you are an overseas buyer then please contact us directly to determine whether it is possible to help you or not.


4) What guarantees are offered on your puppies?


We will not hand over a puppy to you that is not in the best of condition. Obviously once the puppy is in your care then we cannot give any guarantee on the puppy. The reason for this is we will have no idea what may happen with the puppy; whether it has had a fall, whether the dog has been abused, fed incorrectly, over exercised, not enough sleep etc.


Clearly though we want all our puppies to live a happy, rewarding and long life and that is why we offer our support throughout the life of the puppy and adult dog. You should never hesitate to contact us should you have any questions regarding the raising of your French Bulldog.