Chrishell Kennels

French Bulldogs

Chrishell Ownership Process and Support


After doing your research and deciding that the French Bulldog breed is for you and that you would like to partner with Chrishell Kennels you will be required to complete a questionnaire telling us a little about yourself and the environment where the puppy will be raised. This is very much standard practice amongst the ethical breeders in NZ and is to help us and you in ensuring your puppy has the best life possible.


When you obtain a puppy from Chrishell your puppy comes with the appropriate NZKC papers, health record showing the vaccinations given and documents as to recommended diet and exercise however the support does not stop there.


At Chrishell because we love the breed our support will continue for as long as you want it to. In that regard we welcome your calls as to any concerns or questions you have with your puppy whether it is diet, exercise, socialisation etc. Furthermore as a foundation member of the French Bulldog Breeders NZ Face Book group (1,000+ members) we are able to put you in touch with other owners around NZ near you. This will enable you to find the best local support in terms of vet, dietary supplies etc.


We also highly recommend that your get pet insurance for the first year of your puppy’s life as our experience has shown us that any major issues are likely to arise then. There are a number of providers such as Petplan, Southern Cross etc. and you should speak to other French Bulldog owners to determine which insurer is right for you.